Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Fred Meyer Halloween

Halloween inventory is going out earlier than usual with the back to school supplies. This blow mold black cat with glowing eyes was one of my favorite items.

The cheerful terra cotta pumpkins are starting to make an appearance.

A different take on the hands with an eye in the plam that has a color changing LED.

Promising collection this year. Looking forward to the towels and dishes.


Lady M said...

I will have to keep an eye on my local Kings Soopers - they really only had the terra cotta pumpkins in stock when I looked yesterday.

Laurie Brown said...

Oh, like the cat and the hands!

Unknown said...

You may have seen this already. At Ace Hardward at commercial & Madrona (in Salem) they have their Halloween on display in the gift shop. When visiting last night we noticed they are carrying signs displaying the Dead and Breakfast Inn (some were on the table, while others were stacked on the floor). They have a couple tables full of Halloween and various items throughout the gift shop. Cheryl/Woodburn

Old Fashion Halloween said...


Thanks for the heads up about ACE having stock out now I love the selection. Last year it was wiped out earlier than usual. Got some amazing skeleton jar lights on clearance back in 2019.

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