Sunday, February 26, 2012


Clock on Haunted Castle
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Cleaning out old files you never know what you might find. Its a cheesy little haunted ride on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. The clock was the best part.

Not much to write about. Getting ready to start sewing on Victorian monster theme costumes for Steamcon 4 in October. Its the weekend before Halloween so I'm sure one outfit will be what I wear to the Children's Halloween party at the museum.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Creepy Indeed

Cemetery watcher - 45/365
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The fact she has remained standing is amazing. This one seems like prime vandalism material. Found the image on the LJ group Mourning Souls.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Tower Of Terror Gift Shop Window
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January has always been a rough month to get through for me with seasonal depression. The museum was closed so I took time to hibernate and gather strength. The torrential rain in February came pouring in to our front room. We found out the roof was installed incorrectly and we need to fix 35 roof vents. The interior repairs and paint are now finished. Today I started the process of selling the domain There was some sadness at saying the final goodbye to the business. On to new adventures. There is a theater conference in Long Beach in March. The pre-conference classes take place at Disneyland! We get 2 full days behind the scenes at the park. This includes the costume shop. So, that my friends is why things have been a little quite for me in blog land.

Halloween on the brain

The little snake bottle is from DeeDee & Shark a very talented artist making spooky, creepy, and truly unique ceramics. Her in person...