Sunday, July 31, 2022

Big Lots

Creepy Doll Head is back at Big Lots this year with a crackle finish. It is sold out online and I don't see any information on local availability. Local stores might be the only option now.

The Haunted House pillow is new to me.

The Halloween tablecloth style I bought last year is back in stock in 3 rectangle sizes and a round version. I plan to make curtains again this year from tablecloths if I can get enough of the 102" version.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Pottery Barn Kids

My favorites from this years collection thus far. A little diappointed the Peanuts cartoon characters are back. They are cute only not my favorite for Halloween.

The glow inthe dark sheets on the other hand are speaking to me!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022


From sample MDF baby gravestone to the full size model. Carved the final version from insulation foam. A bit of a learning curve for Mr. Old Fashion Halloween to learn the software, design the stone, and carve on the CNC. Kind of an odd sueded effect on the foam from the bit carving the surface. Using outdoor paint again since it works on the pumpkins that sit out in the rain all month.

Forgot to share the cute dog toys at HomeGoods. They squeak!

Saturday, July 23, 2022

100 Days to Go!

Excited to see folks on social media counting down the days to Halloween. Time to get serious about all the pojects I need build this year. The little terra cotta Jack-O-Lantern was found at Goodwill as a set of 3. They stand 6 inches high on metal stands. My Goodwill started putting out Halloween last week.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Home Goods

The inventory at my store is rapidly turning over and there is new stock twice a week.

Giant light up tricks sign.

The Lego head containers are adorable.

Just a sampling of the goodies. JoAnn has fabric and a few pumpkins out only it looks like now that the summer clearance is gone there should be more out this week.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Sur La Table

Sur La Table has started listing Halloween 2022 inventory. The photo showing the place setting hints at what will be in the rest of the dish colletion. Love black and white Halloween dishes for mixing and matching different collections. Some of the dishes I added last Halloween from different stores. The skeletal hand napkin rings in the photo above also caught my eye.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Tombstone Sample

Using the CNC to cut out a small sample of the tombstone in MDF. Fix mistakes before cutting out full size in foam.

Eleven inch tall tombstone. Getting ready to order bits for cutting out the real thing.

So, the preparation for Halloween 2022 is underway. I need to help Mr. Old Fashion Halloween with fabric scenery for his summer outdoor theater production opening in 2 weeks. Once that is done I need to start work on a Zombie costume for the zombie walk down town after Thrill the World this year on October 29th. Making masking to go behind our cememtery to cover things we don't want seen will be a sewing project after making something to wear on Halloween night. Scored a full bolt of black sueded fabric for the masking at Goodwill along with a giant roll of black ribbon! Is anyone else already feeling behind on Halloween prep this year?

Michaels here is low on help so I am not sure they will even get any Halloween out this month. Fall floral is going out this week. Halloween fabric is the only thing out locally in stores.

Plans and Radio Show

Taking photos of the faux pumpkins that haven't been carved. Picking them up at post Halloween sales, Goodwill, and garage sales. Ge...