Monday, August 30, 2021

Home Goods-TjMaxx-Sierra Stores


Skull Stack Home Goods
All 3 stores are owned by the same company. In a weird set up all 3 stores are almost side by side at my local shopping center. I can walk to all three stores in 5 minutes! This is a sampling of what was in today. Nothing lasts more than 24 hours here so you never know you might still find these goodies at a local store. 
End cap at Sierra 
Sierra is a dark horse since people shopping for Halloween would not expect to find it here. 
Several Martha Stewart Pieces across all the stores. This table runner was slippery so I can see how it might not have been popular. It would make a great banner or door cover. 
Home Goods continually adds new pillows and the skull lamp comes in both silver and gold.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Goodwill Halloween

 Goodwill is a chain of thrift stores and they carry new and used Halloween items. Target donates all the Halloween and Fall items at the end of the season to Goodwill. A long rack of Adult costumes and jewelry and a rack of kids costumes. This peacock head must have been part of Targets Halloween 2020 costumes.We didn’t make it to any stores last year. Sample of things found at 2 stores. 

The back to school shoppers were enthusiastic so the shelves are kind of messy. Kids and adults were pawing through the Halloween goodies with glee. I had a hard time getting photos waiting for an aisle to clear. Love watching people who get so excited about Halloween! 
A quick house keeping note. This blog format is difficult. I have to leave the font extra large or I get notices that the text is too small on phones. Gave up my old custom blog format with all the complaints that things were too small. There may be some more experimenting to get something that looks better since I get complaints either way. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Big Lots

 A big thank you to Lady M for the heads up on Big Lots Halloween. My favorite find is this Deathshead Moth Pumpkin. In store lighting and under a lamp with an amber light bulb.

Like most stores right now things on the web site were not in the store and things in the store are not available on the web site. The tablecloth came home with me and the popular doll head with glowing eyes.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Lowe's Halloween

 While waiting on Michael's to put out Halloween I walked across the parking lot to Lowe's. Much to my surprise they had already filled a section with Halloween.My favorite find was the Halloween Tiki Torches. The light flickers up and down and looks pretty good! The pole for the torch is included in sections. The only purple one is the witch. There were only 2 of the witch in a case. $9.99 each. None of the items here were on the web site yet.

Loving the gold skeletons! 

The Haunted Mansion and IT LED shadow lights can also work as a stationary wall light. Spinning or still it cycles through red, blue, and green lights. The Haunted Mansion shadow light has been hanging out all over the house.

Monday, August 16, 2021



This is a sampling of what is on the shelves at my store. Florals and Halloween pet items are also available. You can see some of what is available on the web site here.  The MS candleholder is cute. What is up with the Halloween gnomes? The discount stores went all in on the gnomes this year. 

Friday, August 13, 2021

JoAnn and Michaels

Slow trickle of fall and Halloween in the stores here. Not enough help to get the Halloween stock out.  The evil eye tablecloth  and mantle scarf at JoAnn. Bold graphic image only the Hamsa or eye in the palm of the hand is a protection from evil talisman. Hopefully they meant to say protection from evil! As a protection from evil symbol I do love the mantle scarf. The mantle scarf sold out online with a sale running and extra 20% off coupon.

Running in to the problem of halloween items selling out online at Michaels and JoAnn before they are even in my store. Fingers crossed the mantle scarf will appear locally. Looking for this sign below and hope Michaels will have it at my store.

The dark romantic florals this year at JoAnn are beautiful. I took this photo last week and yesterday this section was mostly wiped out. 
The boxes of Halloween waiting to be put on the shelves at JoAnn. 

Wednesday, August 11, 2021



HomeGoods has some lovely home decor this year only it is flying out the door fast. This was the only dish pattern available with plate and salad plate. 
Speaking of flying out the door this fortune teller sign was on hold for Kim. I could barely move the pumpkin patch version of this sign. Very heavy duty.
The top shelf left item is set of palm reading napkins! 
I think they have great potential for a decoupage project. 
My other purchase for the day was a set of pumpkin placemats on wood with a cork backing. Really nice graphic. The plan is to use them for signs only that could change.

Monday, August 2, 2021

Crate and Barrel Preview

Crate and Barrel Halloween.  I do love this owl lantern for $19.95. The plates are very colorful and priced at $24.95 for the set. The bat highball glass is on clearance for  $4.95.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Roadside Linen Arts

My favorite coin operated fortune tellers are the grandma fortune tellers. I was delighted to find this gorgeous fortune teller shadow box at Roadside Linen Arts. She was sold out and when she was back in stock I grabbed one for the cabinet of curiosities. The owl is one of many  Halloween shadow boxes. Carnival, Krampus, movies, and film. The Babbadook is currently sold out only keep an eye out for shop updates. 

Plans and Radio Show

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