Sunday, August 1, 2021

Roadside Linen Arts

My favorite coin operated fortune tellers are the grandma fortune tellers. I was delighted to find this gorgeous fortune teller shadow box at Roadside Linen Arts. She was sold out and when she was back in stock I grabbed one for the cabinet of curiosities. The owl is one of many  Halloween shadow boxes. Carnival, Krampus, movies, and film. The Babbadook is currently sold out only keep an eye out for shop updates. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Sur La Table

In love with this Eat, Drink, and BE SCARY mug at Sur La Table

The faux mercury glass bottles on the table are not on the web site. Hopefully, more Halloween is still in the works since they do not have an official Halloween section listed as of yet. 


Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Halloween 2021

 Halloween is appearing online only no sightings in the wild as of yet. Local Michael's had all the fall floral and pumpkin spice signs out. Halloween fabrics were also out at Michael's. 

Great article and video at Laughing Squid about the gigantic 12 foot pumpkin head skeleton on offer at Home Depot. Love him only I think he might be a little too scary for our Halloween audience. 

West Elm has really lovely pieces. More Halloween or dark aesthetic items this year. Love this plate set that pairs well with the snake candle holders. 


I have a thing for eyes and missed out on the John Derian Halloween for Target eye pillow last year. This one is OK only a little color would make me happier. 
We are looking forward to seeing trick or treaters in large numbers this year. Still working out how to make new items in time with July slipping away so quickly. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Dave Dick Illustrations

This is a commission piece from the artist @Dave_dick_ on IG or on Etsy. Fern and Ivy looking tres spooky in their very own portrait! On his IG account you can see more custom pet and people portraits. 

This was the print that started my love of the artists work. Still working on a wall in the office with 12-15 prints if I can narrow down what to hang and where. Making a craft paper template to go above my desk before putting picture hangers up. Old lath and plaster walls, with wallpaper, and then a faux parchment paint job on top of the wallpaper. 

View of what the walls look like in the office. The print of Nadja as Salome is from here. Great prints of the What We Do In the Shadows gang. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Lucky Break Glass

 In my continuing support of artists during the pandemic I am now the owner of this pretty glass dish.

Lucky_Break_Glass on Etsy.  

Delightful skulls can also be found in her shop. 

Mr. Old Fashion Halloween is going to be busy with a project from July through December. The realization hit that if I need help with any Halloween projects it needs to be before July! He will of course help with the set up in October only designs need to be finalized soon. Playing around with the idea of back lit black silhouette cut outs in corrugated plastic for easy storage. 

My second vaccine is this week and I am so looking forward to sourcing more Halloween materials in person this year. I think we pulled off a good look last year with only online shopping. It was really stressful making choices without that tactile experience. 

Friday, December 25, 2020

Happy Holidays!


Hubby bought me the two taller figures to go with my little pumpkin head and Jack-0-Lantern. All from ShellHawksCreations on etsy. Best Yule/Christmas gifts! Having a quiet day around the house and will head out for a walk to look at lights soon. I hope you all had a festive holiday season. 

Roadside Linen Arts

My favorite coin operated fortune tellers are the grandma fortune tellers. I was delighted to find this gorgeous fortune teller shadow box a...