Monday, October 21, 2019

Behind the Scenes

Looking at the back of the left section of carved Funkins.

The shelf is from a Lowe's shelving unit. Zip tied to the porch railing. The Funkins are light so not much weight for the shelf to support. Used all the falling leaves to tuck in-between the Funkins. Remote control lights so I can just walk behind each section and turn off the lights.

All the Funkins have a hole in the bottom for drainage. Hot glued a strip of wood inside the hole. Zip tied or tied with twine over the strip of wood to attach the Funkins to the shelf. Heavy wind and rain last week and everything stayed put!

Right side shelf of Funkins facing carved side out to street.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Witch House 2019

The same fun house I love to photograph every year!

New this year was webbing and birds. A lot of little black birds! The faux boarded up house detail is often over looked with all the other eye candy.

Looks like a Minion got caught in the web!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Fortune telling boxes

Found these cute little slide boxes locally. You can choose mints or matches. The magic, fortune teller, and palmistry boxes can be found here. Mixing them in to my display. Love the boxes as small gifts for the holidays.

Blue Gel

Quick phone camera shot. We have 2 big vanity lights that light up the side of the house at night. Tonight we covered both lights with deep blue theater gel. It really makes a nice contrast to the cheery warm pumpkins. The window with the dancing skeletons looks better too.

Still testing and tweaking things for the big day. 2 new path lights will hopefully help with any tripping hazards. Hard enough when you have a mask on trying to navigate. A big heavy rubber mat from the basement will cover a spot where the bricks don't match evenly.

Thursday, October 10, 2019


Dining room

It feels like fall. I was bundled up for an evening walk. A lot of lookers tonight and a genuine fascination with the Funkins. Everyone thinks they are real pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Halloween Tree Ideas

This article features several clever Halloween tree designs. We keep saying we will have a Nightmare Before Christmas theme one year that will stay up through Christmas. Christmas merchandise has just about edged out Halloween in the stores now.

Remote control lights were added to all the paper lanterns on the porch. We had a surprise storm last night and everything still looked good. I did zip tie down 2 of the pumpkins. Wind was strong this afternoon and everything stayed put!

Tomorrow I tackle the dining room! It looks like a Halloween store piled high on the dining table table right now. Started dumping out boxes to find decorations.


We are using a projection in one window this year. Purchased a download from Atmosfx. They have all kinds of seasonal imagery. We chose the dancing dead from the Bone Chiller collection.

The projector is from TotalHomeFX. Target was selling a projector and blue tooth speaker for halloween maybe 4 or 5 years ago. $130 and we bought it at 75% off after Halloween.

The skeletons are dancing in an upstairs window. I will post video of it running.

We are apparently attracting a bit of attention. Most of the decor went live tonight. We met more neighbors, for the first time, tonight! There is a neighborhood Halloween Parade that starts at 5 pm! We were told to expect 300 kids! Feeling a bit overwhelmed. Working on safety lighting now. Giant cement stairs and then a wood staircase to get to our door.