Thursday, October 14, 2021

Places and Things

The All hallow's Eve Boutique at Islands of Adventure in Florida. Really great store decor and lighting.
The bursting out of the house skeleton is really well done. People send me so many Halloween and general spooky things at this time of year. The video made me smile.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Halloween Shower Curtains

Every year I think about putting up a Halloween shower curtain. This year it finally happened! Sorry for the small intro photo it is a small bathroom!
Home Goods will have a huge assortmant of curtains every year. There were 2 rows of pegs and each peg held 5 shower curtains. They were sold out 2 days later.You almost need to be standing in the store to grab one here.
Really cute designs and I love my stripe, flying, bats, spooky houses shower curtain.

Monday, October 11, 2021

World Market

World Market has very little to offer in store only they keep adding things to the web page. The glowing wax pumpkins radiate warmth.
The bat taper candles are back this year in store.
The lantern set was a new addition this week.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Fred Meyer

Missed out on the purple version of this bottle light string a few years back. Loving how this string looks piled in an old wood bowl.
Over in housewares I found several dark goodies. The warty black ceramic pumpkins are gorgeous.
The ceramic planters, ghosts, and Jack's were back again this year. Ran in to Lowe's and discovered what little was left of Halloween was eclisped by the full blown Christmas displays.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

The bulk of the outdoor decor was up by last night. Making a list of things to work on this week.
My project today was base painting the new and old faux pumkins. I have a stack of pumpkins found on clearance at Target for $2 each. Needed a few more of the taller pumpkins and Michael's will deliver anything they have in stock for $4.99. Doordash brought me pumpkins! That has entertained me all day and less expensive than having Doordash bring food!
Gorgeous weekend and Halloween decorations were going up in the neighborhood. I love the weeping willow tree in this display. Bringing in some of the smaller decorations at night. Several yard ornaments, patio furniture cushions, and a lemon tree have been stolen around town. Then the thieves took a skeleton from a Halloween display. Not kids, adults caught on security cameras. Seriously, not enough imagination to worry they might be stealing cursed bones?

Friday, October 1, 2021

Happy October!

Hanging up the Halloween curtains or old Dept. 56 tablecloths. The kitty is a $5 blow mold from Target this year.
Finished swagging all the Halloween porch lights wrapped in garland.
Framing Halloween cards is a favorite way for me to decorate the rooms in the fall. I pick up second hands frames from garage sales and thrift stores year round. Inexpensive way to change out art work and to decoarate at Halloween.
Love this display from a vendor at the antique mall. Tonight we have first Friday artwalk downtown and I am so looking forward to seeing what spooky things are featured in galleries and shops.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Aunt Bee's House

The antique mall Aunt Bee's is a few blocks from my house. I try to only walk through it twice a month to cut down on hauling more things home! Fall is the exception with weekly visits. My buddy phil here is well dressed.
$72 for phil, his ensemble, and the chair he sits in! I thought that was a great deal. Resisted the urge to bring him home.
What really caught my eye was the parasol in his lap. A cute idea for an old dilapidated paraol. A paper patch with skeleton image to cover one hole. Cheap little plastic skeletons to hang from the parasol points. A little more distressing with paint and add some lights. Suspend for a spooky floating paraol. This idea might make an appearance on the porch next Halloween. My very first rental home I had old silk paraols suspended pointing out from the wall with a light source behind. Very dreamy romantic look.

Places and Things

The All hallow's Eve Boutique at Islands of Adventure in Florida. Really great store decor and lighting. The bursting out of the hous...