Saturday, April 10, 2021

Lucky Break Glass

 In my continuing support of artists during the pandemic I am now the owner of this pretty glass dish.

Lucky_Break_Glass on Etsy.  

Delightful skulls can also be found in her shop. 

Mr. Old Fashion Halloween is going to be busy with a project from July through December. The realization hit that if I need help with any Halloween projects it needs to be before July! He will of course help with the set up in October only designs need to be finalized soon. Playing around with the idea of back lit black silhouette cut outs in corrugated plastic for easy storage. 

My second vaccine is this week and I am so looking forward to sourcing more Halloween materials in person this year. I think we pulled off a good look last year with only online shopping. It was really stressful making choices without that tactile experience. 

Friday, December 25, 2020

Happy Holidays!


Hubby bought me the two taller figures to go with my little pumpkin head and Jack-0-Lantern. All from ShellHawksCreations on etsy. Best Yule/Christmas gifts! Having a quiet day around the house and will head out for a walk to look at lights soon. I hope you all had a festive holiday season. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Neighbors Jack-O-Lanterns

One of our neighbors uses the shallow carving technique to create beautiful designs. A real treat to see them lined up in the yard. 

The steps

 The little flags by the skeleton went across the steps and hooked on the railing. I think this was after the first batch of kids. Getting ready to put more treat bags out.

The kids and some gown ups were disappointed they could not come up on the porch to visit. It does make me wonder why I wrapped the ball garland with lights and then tinsel. It took hours to unwrap/untangle all of it and store it today. Rain tomorrow and I had hoped to take down the scarecrow and store him only I was tired after taking down all the porch decor.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

The day after

It was a busy day getting ready for the socially distanced trick or treating. Blocking off access to the porches and setting up the candy area on the steps. The kids really loved carefully choosing the treat bag design they wanted. The neighbors were decorated with lights and they had a party for their first Halloween in the new house. 

There were only 3 houses with candy sitting out and parents were happy to see all of us so close together. The county health department advised that no trick or treating should take place this year. It was so dark with all the porch lights out. We gave out about 30 treat bags. No one was out after 8:30 so it was a quiet night.

Getting pumpkins ready for storage


Skull lace tablecloth drying in the sun

Pom Pom in the road 

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Lucky Break Glass

 In my continuing support of artists during the pandemic I am now the owner of this pretty glass dish. Lucky_Break_Glass on Etsy .   Delight...