Saturday, November 27, 2010

Long time no post

Steamcon 2 Saturday Night
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Since Halloween I was in a mad dash to finish costumes for Steamcon 2 in Seattle. A steampunk convention with 1800 people dressed to the nines! Got out just before the big snow dump last Sunday. It was so much fun we plan to go to Steamcon 3 in Bellevue next year. Then the rush was on for Thanksgiving. Vegetarian tofurkey meal for 6 of us and it was delightful.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Brought all the magic back inside

Kitteh with Lanterns
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Windstorm and driving rain was in the forecast so I took down all the yard decor today. That was a major project so its not stored yet but its dry. After swearing at dead battery tea lights I sat and changed all the batteries for next year. Watching TV it went pretty fast. Might get the Halloween tree down tonight. The hubby hasn't seen all the new swag I picked up a Target. Gave him a small skeleton to distract him while I hid all the bags. LOL

The day after

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Only 4 trick or treaters and one was related. We sit too far off a busy road.
Will either do something with the lot next door to draw them in or go to Disneyland! See that is my excuse...we don't get any tots at our door so we need to go see the haunted mansion. :0 ) Not sure anyone else will be on board with this plan.

Hit target early this morning and had to restrain myself. The shelves were still full. Bought some of the solar orange LED lights to try next year.

Plans and Radio Show

Taking photos of the faux pumpkins that haven't been carved. Picking them up at post Halloween sales, Goodwill, and garage sales. Ge...