Saturday, July 28, 2018

Warehouse Prop and Set Dressing Sale

Today we were fortunate enough to attend day 1 of a huge warehouse sale. Liquidating the props, furniture, set dressing, and wardrobe from the show The Librarians and Leverage. You can find more information on the sale here.

There was a newer coffin going for $350 out in front of the warehouse. Sadly, we missed seeing the sarcophagus. The lines were long and the warehouse was 90 degrees. Some very dedicated fans scoring great deals. Many recognizable items from The Librarians. Trying to down size for a move so we didn't bring any treasures home. Some of my pics here. Local new station story about the sale.

Halloween on the brain

The little snake bottle is from DeeDee & Shark a very talented artist making spooky, creepy, and truly unique ceramics. Her in person...