Saturday, September 14, 2019

Home Goods Skeleton Dishes

TJMaxx is where I bought a set of these Wicked skull plates. They are perfect for my "Dead and Breakfast" bar.

Home goods has the Royal Stafford skeleton dinner plates. Discovered there are cups and bowls with the same images. All the plates had some flaws in the glaze. Look them over if you plan to buy. They are $5.99 and the Wicked salad plates are $3.99 each.

My Home Goods had just opened last year and the Halloween decor was thin. They made up for it this year with triple the stock and show stoppers like this giant Halloween Nutcracker. I think it was $189.

More Photos from Home Goods will be in the Halloween Album. If you have trouble viewing the images full size on Blogpsot all the Halloween photos are in that album on flickr.

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Bohemian said...

Those Plates are Fantastic! I just love trawling all of the Shops looking for what this Season brings in the Line of Decor for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos... my Favorite time of Year!

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