Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Dave Dick Illustrations

This is a commission piece from the artist @Dave_dick_ on IG or on Etsy. Fern and Ivy looking tres spooky in their very own portrait! On his IG account you can see more custom pet and people portraits. 

This was the print that started my love of the artists work. Still working on a wall in the office with 12-15 prints if I can narrow down what to hang and where. Making a craft paper template to go above my desk before putting picture hangers up. Old lath and plaster walls, with wallpaper, and then a faux parchment paint job on top of the wallpaper. 

View of what the walls look like in the office. The print of Nadja as Salome is from here. Great prints of the What We Do In the Shadows gang. 

La Befana and Friends

This is yet another great piece from artist GrimQuiet on etsy. He also offered Krampus Lanterns you can see if you click on his sold items...