Sunday, August 14, 2022

Michaels Tins-update

Update: Thanks to some wonderful friends I have Halloween tins in hand or en route! Thank you!

One of 3 tins at Michaels. I am searching for the other 2 in this set. If you find either of them can you leave a comment or message me? Will happily pay shipping and for your time.

Michaels has been a real rollercoatser. Items listed on the site as in stock at my store are not actually in the store. Items listed as sold out were on the shelf. It looks like some stores are getting the old fahsioned orange and black items and my store, so far, has only the Dark Romance and the Naturally Scary line.

1 comment:

Lady M said...

Those are cool tins. I have yet to visit Michaels but if I find the others, I will let you know.

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