Monday, October 28, 2019

Front of House

First run at shooting photos at night. This was my favorite. The windows up top now have a new flickering lights sequence programmed to slowly flicker up and down. Photos will eventually all be in the Halloween album here.

We had a group wearing light reflective vests and carrying flashlights last night. It was 11 and the lights were all off. We try to be respectful of neighbors and shut down between 9-10. The flashlights startled me so I stuck my head out the door and said give me a minute. Flipped the front of house on and used the remote to light all the pumpkins! Got a big thank you!

Update: At 11:15 pm tonight the security camera alerted me that someone was on our porch. You have to climb a lot of steps to get up to our porch. A woman dressed in black with a knit hat is on the footage with her back mostly to the camera. I think she was just looking at the lanterns hanging on our porch up close. Still, that is a little creepy doing it late at night dressed in black!


Lady M said...

Looks great - looking forward to more pictures.

Laurie Brown said...

Oh that is wonderful!

Justine’s Halloween said...

Great photo and a very creepy story! Of all the things to see on your video footage. That's just... unexpected!

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