Thursday, August 22, 2019

Swatching Fall

The pumpkin on the left is new from Lowe's. Pumpkin on the right is a thrift store find from 5 years ago? I like its base color and then there is darker paint spatter on the top. Going to test with a toothbrush to see if that is the right size for the effect.

Paint swatches I brought home from Lowe's tonight. All the Funkins will get at least 2 different exterior house paint colors. Contrasting paint spattered and or sponged on. Some of the stems will look OK at a distance. The house sits high off the street. Time to get moving on the process so we can start carving.

Fall is coming. The leaves and acorns off the trees in our yard.


Laurie Brown said...

The one on the right looks waaaaay more realistic than the new one.

Are those heavy enough not to blow away in a medium wind?

Old Fashion Halloween said...


A lot like scenic painting for theater no one will get close enough to study details. They do need a more natural base color. This is a good example at Disneyland of pumpkins that light up on buildings.

Light source through a hole in the bottom and then attached with velcro to a base. It all has to break down for storage.

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