Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Spooky Lampshade

The spouse and I were walking through an antique mall looking for props for a theater production opening next week. He is a scenic designer but the props person had fallen behind so we picked up the slack. Walking in to a big room I see these 2 wonderful lampshades. Well, the big one now is just the frame. They looked like a spooky art piece. I couldn't stop thinking about the shades.

The smaller one was just so wonderful with old shattered silk and crusty tarnished gold bullion. The beading hanging off the edges is amazing. Hubby was cashing out up front and I made a last minute decision and asked the clerk to cut the smaller shade down! She asked what are you doing with it? I said spooky Halloween art piece. She smiled and was excited it was going home with me. More pics of it on flickr.


Lisa said...

That is really cool! It has almost a steampunk type vibe to it.

Justine’s Halloween said...

That second picture looks like an owl with big eyes! Nice spooky finds.

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