Friday, November 18, 2022

Behind the Scenes

Wrapping up and making room for the cemetery in storage. 1 and 2 inch pink insulation foam was used to make the gravestones, plinth, and candle shelves. The plinths were made to fit the angle of the grass bank and then the stones were set in the plinths. The fence pickets were cut out of 1/4 inch plywood.

Once the fence pickets were painted and attached to cross bars we faced the next challenge. The steep hill required a steep angle on the side fencing. Setting it in place while not sliding down the hill required a bit of balance.

We used outdoor candles in the family plot only we needed something to keep them level on the hill. Cut out and painted foam shelves to match the gravestones to hold the candles. There were additonal battery puck lights hidden behind the candles to shine up on the gravestones. The same lights we use in the pumpkins.

Once the cemtery was in place it was a bit treacherous to maneuver. Carefully inching down the hill to work on the upper stones. Pitched more lighting pucks down that hill and only came close once to doing the same. A grabber stick was how I moved things around and brought in the pumpkins at night.

It was a big project and now we make plans for next year. This year I made a list of repairs and paint touch ups to be comlpleted over next summer. The complete Halloween 2022 album is here.


Lady M said...

It turn out so brilliantly.

Laurie Brown said...

Those gravestones are so gorgeous! How on earth do you mow the lawn on that slope?

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Lady M, thank you!

Laurie, That is not even the worst slope in the yard. The front lawn is almost a straight shot down. Heh, I hire someone to do it. It would have been difficult to impossible for me to stay upright before my bad back. They take a run at it sideways instead of up and down. It is kind of interesting how the street kept getting lowered over 120 years so it carved out this hill we live on. Makes the house look taller and more intimidating, The look you want for Halloween.:o )

Haunted Eve said...

Your hillside cemetery looks fantastic. Great looking tombstones and love the candle lighting.

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