Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Busy time of year!

Running amuck trying to get everything up and done so I can enjoy the rest of the season. Lanterns went up in the foyer tonight. This beauty is an older lantern that was sold at The Vintage Halloween store.

Spent saturday braiding the front porch garland. This is the big section across the front of the porch. Ornament garland, festooning, and lights. Big project that is up now. Ran out of festooning and will finish the light garlands hopefully tomorrow.

Work in progress. Really hope it gets done this weekend.


Lady M said...

That is a gorgeous lantern. I am intrigued by the project.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

You and me both Lady M. Decided rather last minute on the "project" and I think it will get partially done this year and bonus points if it gets finished this year!

Laurie Brown said...

I do love that lantern! They did do some marvelous graphics back in the day.

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