Friday, June 7, 2019

Moving Sale- Halloween!

We bought a spooky Victorian house! Technically, it is a lovely house with spooky potential. More on that later. I don't know if anyone local is still following this blog. Big moving sale tomorrow here.


Lady M said...

A spooky Victorian house? Can I express my upmost envy? That's what I wanted but his Lordship said too much work! I cannot wait to see the pictures. Good luck with the sale - wish I was in the vicinity because there are some nice Halloween items!

Old Fashion Halloween said...

His Lordship is not wrong. It is expensive to own a historic property. This one is 1902 and has had major upgrades in the last 12 years. Sadly, it needs paint and we don't know how many thousands that will cost! Luckily I got a good deal the living room rug!

We sold most of our old furniture and it has felt more like camping for the last 2 months. The dining set moved from the other house today! We have a table again.