Tuesday, October 10, 2017

50% off at Michaels

Not much left at my local store. If they follow last years plan things will be 60% off next week. Found this interesting spool of extra wide ribbon. Its more like a banner. 9 inches wide and 6 yards long. Semi-sheer. $5.99 a spool.

Halloween is coming up fast and I was out of town last week. Product reviews and photos from my Halloween adventures will be up later this week.


Justine’s Halloween said...

Wow, you have the sale schedule all prepared! Usually when I catch the after Halloween sale at Michaels it's 70 to 80% off. So 60% off before Halloween is moving fast. But I guess it makes sense when Halloween stuff comes out in August and starts on sale. They have to keep it moving. I look forward to your upcoming posts!

Old Fashion Halloween said...


Christmas has squeezed the last of the Halloween in to one small section.
When I went the day of Halloween, last year, the only Halloween items left filled a small table. There was one skeleton hanging and it was broken. My store gets picked over pretty good before October starts.

Lady M said...

Love that ribbon - my Michaels did not have any of that!

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