Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Holographic Lanterns at Walmart

I wanted to share this lantern from Walmart. Good looking lantern for only $9.97. When you switch it on it flickers and reveals holographic Jack-O-Lanterns. There is a green version with bats and holographic skulls and a purple version with crows and holographic ghosts. The purple and green are on sale on the web site only. They were $9.97 at my store. My store only had 6 of the lanterns. My guess is they won't last long.

So many wonderful things out in the stores. Real life is seriously interfering with my Halloween fantasy life. Lots of photos to share when time permits. Yesterday I agreed to a settlement with the insurance company from my 2015 car accident. Treating myself to a few extra Halloween goodies this year!


Lady M said...

Wow - that is so cute. I have had surprisingly little time to shop this year but hope to get out soon before all the good stuff disappears!

Laurie Brown said...

I told Tim to let me know when the Halloween stuff came out! He's failed me!

Old Fashion Halloween said...


The fall decor is out at my stores about mid August. Halloween starts creeping in after September first. Not all the shelves were filled at this store. Clothing was out including the cutest Halloween leggings but only in smaller sizes. :o (

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