Monday, January 7, 2013


Our first trip to Europe was a success. Our very last day in Paris was spent at Pere Lachaise cemetery. We walked the cemetery for hours and only covered a small portion. Its a must see again to finish the tour.


Alison said...

Welcome back! I'd love to see more photos.


Old Fashion Halloween said...

Between the 2 of us its around 2500 photos and we are slowly weeding through them. More can be found in my photostream on Flickr. Just click the photo.

barbe said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to look at your photos, I know you had a tremendous time.

Anonymous said...

Now that you're back from Europe,
has the experience changed you in any way?

Betty from Ohio, now in TX

Old Fashion Halloween said...

It was amazing on so many levels. Getting to see truly old architecture and places only glimpsed in books was incredible. Good conversations with folks in the UK. We were stuck on a train for hours after a signal malfunction and got to visit with a man from Cardiff. We asked questions of each other and some of things he wanted to know were entertaining. He wanted to know why Americans have a fascination with hardwood floors. We talked politics. We were in London right after the school shootings so we had more than one gun conversation. We were so enchanted that we are trying to go back either this December or in 2014.

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