Sunday, November 6, 2011

Catching up

Story Telling in the Solarium
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So many things that have kept me busy since Halloween. Halloween day was the children's party at Deepwood. Food, games, crafts, music, and face painting. The carriage house, solarium, and the tent covered tennis court were used for this event. I was parking lot witch making sure once the lot filled that families found somewhere to park.

It was a lot of fun and the parents got in to the spirit of things. Many families were all in costume.

The day after Halloween was of course the post Halloween sales. Scored one of the big glow in the dark skeletons at Target. Let's face it I always spend more than I planned at Target on the 1st. Goodwill stores mark the Halloween goodies down too. Found a kids fairy costume that I stripped the fiber optic light system out of for $4. Bought some old hats at a $1 each to cut up for new period hat bases.

It was a good Halloween and the yard stuff was finally brought in today.

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wicKED said...

Sounds like a good Halloween indeed. Glad you had fun.

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