Monday, October 13, 2014

Vince Woods Farms

Farm with the standard pumpkin patch and corn maze. The specialty item here is the "gently" haunted caboose. You pay a dollar to walk through the Pumpkin Walk that leads to a real train caboose. To my surprise there was something much better than a haunted caboose.

Vintage blow mold lights! Along one side of the wall flashing on and off were all these beauties.

Vince wears a train conductors outfit around the property. He knows the name of every pumpkin and offered to carry corn stalks to my car. Delightful multi generation family run farm. Vince's granddaughter pointed me to my parking space. I hope this gem is around for many more years.


Lady M said...

Love those lights - so much fun.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

I was all alone in the haunted caboose and it was so COOL!

Leslie said...

Wow.. they are cool!!!!

ShellHawk said...

I have a small collection of vintage blow molds, and I LOVE them! So great to see other people keeping the vintage stuff alive!