Monday, October 27, 2014

Airlie Hills Farm and Pumpkin Patch

Saturday we drove out to Airlie Hills Pumpkin Patch. My husband needed a big pumpkin for a mini Segaki or feeding of the Hungry Ghosts festival. All those who have passed in the last year will have their names written on paper. Paper goes in the pumpkin to be burned.

Met a pumpkin carver, Roger Pope, who was showing me how to carve a Hubbard squash. Going to try this since the squash holds up much longer than a pumpkin. Very hard surface after its carved. It reminded me of the scarred surface of a pumpkin if you carve in to it while it is still growing.


Lady M said...

Cool - what kinds of tools does one us to carve a hubbard squash?

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Lady M,

He was using basic clay sculpting tools and a tiny blade knife like an Exacto. It looked very cool with the flaked blue flesh on the edges.