Friday, October 10, 2014

Experiments in lighting

Top of the fireplace mantel this year testing out the camera on the new iPhone. Low light levels are not its strong point. More photos to come of the mantel and this years Halloween tree. Need to find the camera.


Justine’s Halloween said...

I wore a t-shirt today which had the same pumpkins on it as those on your banner! That was a good design year for Target. I remember all kinds of things with that pumpkin design.

Your mantel is looking great! Very vintage and festive.

Thanks for the tip the other day about those light up glitter skulls at Dollar Tree. I went there today and picked up a bunch for the party. I ended up with the silver ones. They should look awesome blinking all those bright colors by everyone's place setting. They're a good fit for this year because we're going with a skeleton theme!

Old Fashion Halloween said...


That was an amazing year at Target with so many vintage style Halloween items. The mantel scarf is so cheery it makes the room feel happy. Can't wait to see photos of your party!!

Rot said...

LOVE that three panel lantern.
You have some amazing decorations.

Old Fashion Halloween said...


Its a reproduction fireplace screen. Its the companion of the screen seen in the image at the top of my blog.
Sadly, at this modern house the fireplace is an insert that is a foot off the ground so the fire screens don't work. Decided to move it to the mantel.