Sunday, November 2, 2014

Until next year

Day of the Dead

A good weekend for remembrance. The Day of the Dead altar will be empty tomorrow. Still finding Halloween things I meant to put out this year! My attention now turns to a sci-fi convention this weekend and a big trip in December. Thank you for reading along and sharing your photos and stories. Hopefully I will be back in July 2015 to start talking about Halloween again!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day of the Dead Altar

Day of the Dead Altar

Honoring friends and family who have passed. The garland in front is the cloth napkins from World Market.

The day after

Fern supervised most of the morning as Halloween was packed up. It was a wet and windy week so the big yard stuff never made it up this year. Last night was clear and cold with only one trick or treater. He was related and lives next door!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Cast members outfits at new Memento Mori Shop

Love the Madame Leota pin! More images of the interior of the new shop here.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 1973

1973 Sears Catalog tiger costumes. City Halloween parade. My sister is the little tiger.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Paper Plate Decorations

Beistle Paper plates from The Vintage Halloween Store. A roll of crepe paper from my stash, also from Beistle.

Gather edge of crepe using needle and thread. You can glue and gather on to the plate at the same time. Even coverage is easier if you pre-gather the crepe paper.

Plates can be glued back to back to make a hanging room decoration.

50% off sales before Halloween

Halloween at World Market is %50 off. New trend this year of marking Halloween 50% off up to a week before Halloween. Two brick and mortar stores in town marked Halloween half off a week ago and merchandise was moving fast. Christmas had moved in to the seasonal section so all the Halloween was moved to a clearance area. Its nice to be able to pick some things up before the big day on sale. The selection left over the day after Halloween though is going to be slim.