Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Two heads are better than one

Michael's has this great end cap with $6.99 female and $9.99 male heads! Its so rare to see male foam heads. Might have to go back and nab one as there were only 2 left at my store.

Hanging next to the heads were these wonderful bundles of burlap. Bought a 10 foot roll of the skulls for $4.99 with a 20% off coupon. Nice edge finish and the skulls are a deep black. The rolls would look great around corn stalks. The burlap is soft and flexible enough to be used on costumes. A pageant sash or bandolier were my first thought. There was more shopping and photos will follow in the next blog entry.


screaminscott said...

The heads would be great for the 'head waiter tray' Halloween craft from Martha Stewart

Trystan L. Bass said...

My nearby Michaels had almost NO Halloween stuff up this last weekend! A few candles & some ribbon, that was it. Poo. Very disappointed. I'd love a male mannequin head for my cross-dressing wigs :) I'll have to try back later or go to the Michaels across town.

Old Fashion Halloween said...


I'd offer to grab you one but my suspicion is they will be gone before I get back. You might have more luck when they first put them out. It was all end cap displays at my store the main area is still summer on clearance. By next week I suspect fall will make a larger showing.

Jennifer Fisher said...

I liked the heads! I have seen them at Hobby Lobby before but not Michaels so I was glad to see them carrying them. There was a ghostly MSL craft a few years back using heads like this to make ghosts and I've been wanting to try that.