Thursday, July 24, 2014

Michaels Halloween 2014 -The Skulls

This end cap shelf is always a few rows down from the main Halloween decor. The display is usually a repeat of old favorites with some new additions.

New this year was the stack of skulls candle with flicker flame for $7.99. 11 inches tall and it has a nice flicker. There were 2 on the shelf and I did show some restraint and only took one home.

This lantern got my attention from across the store. Its canvas with a plastic insert and metal base. 12 inches tall and about 5-6 inches across for $19.99. Its got a contemporary look and will probably sit out under the covered deck year round. Remember to use the apps for stores and show the coupons on your phone or tablet. There is always a coupon.


Dana Dark said...

YAY!!! That time is finally coming near ;)

screaminscott said...

They also have some skull bottles that look cool. However, they are only orange, purple or black... no clear ones.

Old Fashion Halloween said...


Have a few more pics to go up not sure if I caught the bottles. Its honestly hard to pass things up. I try to limit my pre Halloween sales to only a few items I think might sell out before the post Halloween discount. Tj Maxx doesn't have stuff out yet and they usually have amazing skull bottles. :0 )