Saturday, July 26, 2014

Glimmer Lights

Thank to Jen at the Vintage Halloween Collector Blog for posting about the new Halloween offerings at Pier 1. Found this light string in purple and orange on the site.

Love these little battery operated grain of rice size LEDs on a copper wire held on with a bit of epoxy. They are bright and look fabulous on costumes. I own the same lights from the Martha Stewart Christmas line in white, red, and blue. Hidden behind a little piece of tulle or gauze you get a nice diffused glow.

What I love about the the new Pier 1 set is they now can be used with a remote control. Pier 1 carries a remote for their pillar candles that will work with this light string. In a live chat with customer service they confirmed the remote on sale for $6.36 will work with this light string. Extremely handy to save battery life when an actor is not viewable to an audience. No fumbling with a switch on the battery pack. The light strands should be in stores in August.

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