Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Return

Its July and I have been absent from the blogger world for far too long. Family obligations and illness zapped my energy to create and share Halloween Goodness. Reading blogs was infrequent as well. Trying to play catch up to see what is going on with the rest of you.

Sadly we didn't even start the garden this year and that includes the pumpkin patch! Going to live vicariously through stories of everyone else's pumpkin growing.

The original plan for Halloween 2014 was to spend Halloween at my home the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland. That will have to wait for 2015. Money for that adventure is now being funneled to the Europe trip.

Yes, we are heading back to Great Britain and France this December spending Christmas in London and New Years in Paris. The fur kids are not happy about this plan as their 3rd favorite human is unable to to keep them entertained. The hunt for a house sitter is on!


Carol said...

It's so nice to see you post on your blog!

I didn't know you were also going to France. How wonderful.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Its time to start sharing the Halloween plans and finds!
Yes, when we were able to change flights that gave us 6 extra days! So, we added Paris in to the mix.