Monday, November 2, 2015


We went back to claim the great pumpkin project pumpkin on Sunday only it was gone. High winds and heavy rain might have sent the little guy in to the river. Halloween was literally a wash out with street flooding here. Our Jack-O-Lanterns filled with water. Battery lights in a plastic bag to keep the light going. The bags were floating in the pumpkins! We had 8 kids. One was family and 4 kids started at 3:30 to avoid the 4 hour downpour.

Fern was helping put away the Halloween.

Halloween in the stores was well picked over long before the post Halloween sales. Michaels was 70 percent off the week of Halloween. Found this cute frame missing its backing for only a $1.

Felt bad for people showing up the day before Halloween to find the shelves picked bare. Christmas was everywhere having squeezed out the Halloween to a discount tables. Its been a different game the last few years with prices cut to at least 50% before Halloween.

The yard is done. The indoor decor takes me a lot longer to put away. Started making plans for next years decor. I think Mr. Scarecrow needs a new outfit and possibly a dog. A horse would be better but we would need a lot more sticks!


Lisa said...

Isn't that what everyone does - start planning next year while putting this year away? Darn the rain anyway. And of course Sunday was sunny and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and am enjoying going through all your older posts, as well as your new ones. Sorry your Halloween was a rain-out--that really stinks. I live on the East Coast so ours was nice (but we've had ones rained-out before, too). The worst part is--we're stuck with all that candy and my waistline doesn't need it! Already thinking about Halloween 2016.