Sunday, November 8, 2015

Disco Owl

I have a little space on the sideboard where the owls live. Below I have the faux mercury glass stuff.

In the 75% off pile at the grocery store I find this owl label bottle. Great little addition for the display.

There is battery compartment so I pop in the batteries and it turns in to Disco Owl!

Tiny strand of LED's that flashes and changes color. Its blinding!


lady M said...

Cute - LOL - love the disco owl. It looks great with that stuff.

Laurie Brown said...


Justine’s Halloween said...

Cool! I like those little velvet pumpkin bottle stoppers.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Its so bright I'll never turn it on in the display. Guess we can set it on the floor and boogie after a few bottles of pear hard cider. :o )

The tiny velvet pumpkins were at a shop in Ashland, OR. It was the first year the velvet pumpkins hit the market. They have tiny real pumpkin stems. Now all the velvet pumpkins have resin stems.