Monday, October 12, 2015

Sad news and some good

The husband came down with one of the worst chest cough colds I can remember. He is a generous type so he shared it with me. We were supposed to be leaving for Disneyland and Mickey's Halloween Party. We are not going to make it. That is the sad part and why I have been absent for a few days.

Good news if you need a Haunted Mansion Maid ensemble. I have one for sale! The amazing seller on etsy who makes these aprons is sold out now. The stripe fabric is cast member accurate.

To go with it I have the maid headpiece as well from this seller on etsy.

If you are interested in the set please comment. Free shipping. Thanks!


Scary Jerry said...

Oh no!!!! I'm so sorry you'll miss Disneyland! Nothing sucks worse that illness in October. That's what Christmas is for (and the perfect reason to avoid the in-laws). Feel better and I hope your Halloween still works out to be horrible and scary.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Scary Jerry,

Thank you so much for the thoughts. Stay scary my friend.

Vintage Seance said...

So sorry you're feeling sick! Love the apron though, I miss wearing it when I did character hosting at Disneyland for Jack and Sally, only hosted them a few times, but they were fun days!

Jennifer Fisher said...

That's so sad you have to miss it but get better soon :) So sorry you've been sick!