Friday, October 9, 2015

Airbnb offers the chance to spend Halloween night in the world’s largest cemetery

More info here.

Good luck to all who enter.


Laurie Brown said...

It doesn't say it includes air fare, but it doesn't say it *doesn't* include it, either, just that it doesn't include airport shuttle fees etc. Curious... not that I even have a passport. It sounds fun, though, except for the cold temp!

lady M said...

Uggh - no thanks. I have been in the Catacombs and while they are cool, the moldy mildew smell almost killed me. I think I would emerge in the morning with breathing issues.

Old Fashion Halloween said...


I believe transport from Paris is included looking at all the fine print. A lot of air miles handy or a lot of cash at this short a notice. Upper 50s is a bit chilly.


That was my fear too...the smell. Not to mention the facilities problem. I can't tour the catacombs as most tours are 3-4 hours long. No easy access to the surface would instantly mean needing to go!