Sunday, September 27, 2015

Zinio for Halloween Magazines

Having trouble finding your favorite Halloween edition magazines? Zinio has digital copies available of magazines like Better Homes and Gardens Halloween Tricks and Treats. You can preview the contents page plus an additional image from inside the magazine. Zinio also runs $5 for an entire year subscription specials.

This was a disappointing year for magazines for me. Martha was yet another rehash of old content. Better Homes and Gardens was the only paper issue I purchased this year.


MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Just discovered Zinio this summer. What a fantastic thing this is! All Halloween mags have been downloaded and ready for reading. Sadly, I can't find the latest Martha Stewart, but as in the past few years, it sounds like all I need to do is pull out my old ones.

Unknown said...

yes Martha was AWFUL this year, yet another regurgitation issue, terrible if you have been buying her issues in years past. Her regular October "Living" issue had some minor new material at least.

Jenn Fisher said...

I agree, the whole lot of them were pretty pathetic this year. Vintage style was very lacking - but even just any old Halloween theme was very lacking too. There didn't seem to be much creativity and a lot of themes were just pumpkin/pumpkin carving related --the old standby.