Friday, September 18, 2015

Tablecloth at Target

New fabric tablecloth at Target. First image is room light and second image is in sunlight. Antique gold images that really pop. My store only had 2 so I nabbed one at the full price of $16.99. My fear was waiting for a sale might mean missing out. Can't find it on Target's web site. Oblong measures 60 X 84 inches.

100% cotton. Every time I wash a fabric table cloth from the Halloween line it loses 50% of the color. Not sure how well this foil gold would hold up. Tempted to try a Woolite hand wash so I can use this for a skirt!


Lady M said...

cool - I like it. Looks like target has incorporated a lot of gold this year.

Lisa said...

Pretty - that would make an awesome skirt! My Target didn't have much and I sure didn't see some of this neat stuff people are posting.

Old Fashion Halloween said...


I have a regular and a super Target. The vary quite a bit in Halloween inventory.