Sunday, September 13, 2015

Halloween at Goodwill stores

We have 3 Goodwill stores within easy driving distance. Its fun to see what each store gets for Halloween. Halloween goodies start showing up in August. Goodwill has Halloween items from Target's 2014 merchandise. The smaller stuff treats, paper, and party gets bagged for one price. Usually under $6. Goodwill also stocks a line of generic make-up, masks, and decorations. The third category is what the public donates.

Found this older Hallmark goody.

Motion detector still works and the sound is great.

Scored this great flicker light set that works perfectly. I bought the strand for the bulbs since they are expensive. Several of my older Halloween light sconces use the flicker bulbs.

After Halloween all the goods left get shipped to the Goodwill surplus stores. Then you pay by the pound. Its a free for all digging through the bins at the surplus store with other pickers.

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