Friday, October 21, 2011

City Flowers Halloween Displays Bellevue WA

This is a 7 minute walk through of the smallest flower shop with the most amazing Halloween displays. Life size figures. A giant paper mache tree. It was me oooohing and awwwing for a solid 5 minutes. The flower shop was in the same building as the hotel for Steamcon. The owner spent the weekend rearranging the shop since Steampunk fans were buying up his Halloween displays.


pensive said...

How on earth did I not know this? So nearby! So amazing!

thank you!!!!!!

dragonmamma said...

Nice! It's great to see a store that's not already crowding out Halloween with Christmas merchandise. (A big pet peeve of mine.)

Kathy said...

Hi, I am a first time visitor and a freak over halloween, thanks for sharing that incredible shop. How lucky was that. That would be worth a trip to WA. Thanks for sharing. I am going to check out Steampunk to see were it will be held this year. Kathy