Monday, November 5, 2018

The after Halloween Sales

This cute little head is on a spring and was bobbing all the way down the road. It made me happy watching the people behind me in traffic smile.

The pair was irresistible on 70% clearance. The baby cat might hang out in the living room year round.

The lanterns are color changing with a remote control and timer. At only $2 they jumped in my cart. The skull bottle was a $1. Two damask tablecloths at 60 X 102 inches. $3 each. The table clothes might turn in to yardage for a costume. All found at Fred Meyer owned by Kroger. The down side is I have to find somewhere to store the latest swag.

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lady M said...

Love your haul - got some bargains yesterday at Kings Soopers also owned by Kroger. I glad not everyone put Halloween on sale before the Holiday.