Saturday, November 3, 2018


The mantel and the bookcase in the living room were mostly made up of items on hand. The only new items on the mantel were the palmistry hand and the Tarot pillar candle. The fabric for the swag is off an old bolt of fabric from Bethany Lowe.

The 2 suitcases are reproductions used for displaying merchandise. Part of a set of 4 that we used on the road for displays at live shows. That old lamp shade may or may not be restored. The longer it sits around the more I Love the skeletal carcass. Fortune telling books and games from my collection.

The little glass Jack-O-Lanterns on the porch were a dollar store find a few years back.


pecor said...

Beautiful! (sigh)

lady M said...

I envy this - I want to make a divination cabinet and love all your mystic decorations..

Odd Fallweather said...

Love it!