Sunday, August 20, 2017

Spirit Halloween Store Open

Our town is eclipse central. Traffic is supposed to be so bad several companies decided to close on Monday. Much to my surprise, The Spirit Halloween Store was open!

Bought this cute sign.

The mantle scarf also came home with me. I didn't see it on the web site. Tacked it on my mantle so you can see what it looks like. A solid fabric behind it will really make it pop.


Boo Swain said...

Wow, love that mantel scarf! Alas, it's not on SH's website (maybe later?).

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Boo Swain-There is a window valance under the Tarot category on the web site. The mantle scarf should be up soon.

Laurie Brown said...

The scarf is awesome! And not so Halloween that it can't be used all year. Cool!

Boo Swain said...

Follow-up: FYI the mantel scarf is now on SH's website, $9.99. That's a great price, but shipping's almost that much, too.

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Boo Swain,

There is a 25% coupon you can use online SEPT25E