Thursday, August 17, 2017

Halloween Boo Box Subscription

This year, the Vintage Halloween Store is offering a Boo Box Subscription starting on September 1st. Buy one box or the entire season subscription. I was lucky enough to get a preview Boo Box!

The boxes are black with a vintage Halloween style mailing label. Very cool presentation. Inside the orange and black tissue paper there are many goodies.

Boxes contain random contents with a Vintage Halloween flair. Mine included this adorable tea towel.

The rest of the items were a set of vintage style Halloween tags, a "Don't make me flip my witch switch" notebook, a glitter Happy Halloween sign, a Bethany Lowe Bloom ceramic pin, and a vintage style metal witch pin. A card with a festive fortune and spooktacular stunt came with the box as well.

My mail service lady asked me about the Boo box. She wants to get a subscription for her daughter-in-law who was born in October. She loves Halloween and they are running out of creative ides for gifts. I thought this was a clever concept. Great idea for Halloween gift swaps. I must admit, it was very exciting to get a little black box full of treats in the mail!


Jennifer Fisher said...

Ronda, thanks for profiling my Boo Boxes, I'm glad you liked yours :)


MK said...

So creepy cute !!!!

Jennifer Fisher said...

Thanks for sharing the link to my Boo Boxes :) I'm glad you enjoyed yours!