Monday, September 22, 2014

How to keep the glitter in place

The tiara is now sold out but was sold at The Vintage Halloween Store. A nice nod to the vintage paper tiaras. Like most glitter goodies no matter how much you shake off the excess you still get some shedding when handled or worn. My solution is Low Odor Clear Gloss. We used to coat masks with the low oder gloss so you don't have that lingering smell. It really depends on the kind of glitter and size but usually a quick spray will keep glitter in place without taking away the sparkle. I recommend trying the spray on a small spot to make sure it doesn't dull the glitter. Do not use on glass or vintage glitter decorations.


Anonymous said...

Can I use it on fabric? Little girl's princess costumes shed glitter like crazy! Do you think I could lightly spray the costume?

Old Fashion Halloween said...

I wouldn't recommend it as children's costumes have a flame retardant to prevent melting on the skin in an accident. The spray in a large enough quantity to keep the glitter on would most likely be flammable. Diluted with a little water tacky glue might help keep the glitter on but I'd want to read the safety sheet data on the tacky glue used too.