Friday, October 18, 2013

People Send Me Things

Like this gorgeous image from a Yahoo article about an amazing make-up artist Goldie Starling.

Things I won't post include links back to adult content. This is a family friendly blog and try though you might spammers I will not post a link to your naughty nurse costumes. If I like a company or product I will link to your web site in a future entry but not in the comments. Getting heavily spammed right now and need to reject a bunch of comments every day. I love to hear about fabulous vintage or vintage inspired Halloween items and cheap easy tutorials for making Halloween decorations. Thank you for reading and sharing all the wonderful things that make this time of year magical.


Justine’s Halloween said...

I've seen that tutorial! Isn't it amazing? I thought the use of Cheerios was really creative. They make perfect barnacles!

Scary Jerry said...

Yes. The spammers and comment linkers are a bit out of control. I'm fairly affable when it comes to posting most (non-smut) stuff that may be of interest to someone in the Halloween community, and I even put a simple contact form on the blog, but people still lurk about. I want to promote others Halloween stuff and I want to be a well-rounded resource. I feel your annoyance. Just a few more days the an the lurkers will be gone for a few months... I hope.