Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day of the Dead Temporary Tattoos

Last year at Steamcon we played with all 3 versions of The Day of The Dead temporary tattoo styles. They are easier to apply on clean skin but with a little practice you can apply over make-up. Water is used on the back side of the paper to loosen and apply. You have to be careful not to get your make-up wet unless you set your make-up with a fixing spray. I like using a little baby oil to loosen the tattoo when removing. My friend applied one to her arm that lasted for days using care to blot it dry.

This year for Halloween several companies seem to be offering some nice designs and you can buy them at places like Walmart. The main company that produces the tattoos is Tattoo Manufacturing. They offer bulk pricing. Handy for group costumes and haunts. The best part is you can design your own tattoos and have them manufactured with this company.

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Justine’s Halloween said...

What a great idea! This sugar skull look could be a real time saver.