Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Report

The pumpkin patch got a late start this year so my only completely orange pumpkin is this little guy:

The larger size pumpkins at around 10 pounds right now are just starting to turn orange:

As you can see spotty mildew has been a big problem for me this year. Growing ornamental gourds in one bed with the baby boo white pumpkins.

Added one of the cedar tomato cages for the gourd vines to climb.


Jeanne said...

The crop may be small but they are nicely shaped pumpkins. Powdery mildew is such scourge!

Jenn said...

Love the pumpkins, that's great :) I miss growing them.


Dana Dark said...

Looks good! I never never ever have any luck growing them myself. Lucky!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is lovely!! And, sooo organized! Your little pumpkins are adorable.

R, I'm displaying my Halloween collection in my public library again this year Oct. 2nd. If interested, I'll send photos when its up.

Betty in TX

Old Fashion Halloween said...

Betty, thank you so much. I would love to see your collection on display and even show it to the readers here if you don't mind. :0. )

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to share my photos with your readers. They gave me even more space this year (yikes). I hope it looks good. Betty