Monday, September 30, 2013

Collecting and Thinning Collections

This beauty for sale on ebay is one of those items I wanted to buy years ago and for some reason never did. As time goes by the NEED to own one has been fading. It might actually be time to thin some of my vintage Halloween collection again. Looking at my flat files and boxes there are so many pieces there will have to be some thinning before another move. It will be hard to live in that little cottage in the woods some day if we have to sit on boxes full of Halloween treasures.

No kids and no one in the family who appreciates paper ephemera. We have friends who collect political memorabilia. Their kids have no interest in what is a massive museum worthy collection. It makes more sense to me to pass things on sooner than later to loving homes. Since many readers here have large and impressive collections what happens to your Halloween collection after celebrating your final Halloween?


Oddworldian said...

We love halloween so much that we have decided to make the whole house a halloween themed house year round. It is going to take some time to complete, but this way we won't have to pack away our halloween items ever again. So far we have (in the works or planned so far) the Raven/Nevermore Dining room, the pumpkin patch kitchen with a bat cave pantry, the witchy front room, an apothecary bathroom, and a fortune teller bedroom. Still have a few rooms left to think of themes.

Anonymous said...

I have a collection also with no one to leave it to who would really appreciate it - although my child may come to cherish it for family reasons one day. I think I have everything I want now and am only interested in collecting images of things, as they are much easier to keep. I also share my collection at my public library when I can.