Friday, August 23, 2013

Halloween at TJMaxx....finally.

Still pushing the back to school stuff but now the end caps are starting to fill with Halloween. Owls seem to be dominant theme in most of the displays I have been seeing on line. Nothing that had to come home with me today. Will wait to see if they get last years or this years over order of Yankee Candle stuff. Stocking up on Witches Brew tea lights is something I need to do on my last box!


DogsMom said...

Normally I do not shop these type of stores, but you have tempted me to venture in. Maybe I will leave the plastic money at home.

Old Fashion Halloween said...


Most of the time I just love to look. Can't bring it all home. :o ) My husband has learned I will beeline to orange and black and is very patient.

Dana Dark said...

I too am waiting for the Yankee Candles!!!