Friday, October 5, 2012

Reproduction Beistle Decorations Review Part 2

Sorry for the delay this is a busy month. On to the goodies!
The Silhouette String Banner is a really good deal. Its double sided with a black cotton string. You string it so you can decided on the placement of the designs. The front has a shiny finish and the back a matte finish so if you like the less shine you can reverse it. The same applies for the Silhouette Tabletop Stand-Up.
My favorite has to be the Cat & Moon Centerpiece. Its really a beautiful piece. I used 2 tiny rubberized paperclips to hold the base fan part open. It helps protect the tissue and cardboard.
Another delightful piece is the double sided hand held mask made from an image of the old Beistle lantern. Its cute and whimsical and stands up in an old tin bucket for display.
The yard signs are really cute but to be honest I haven't been able to bring myself to punch the stick through the perforated sign. They are so cute they are in my kitchen window. It is just a really nice collection with good old fashion colors. Many people asked where to shop after I closed up shop and I can always recommend The Vintage Halloween Store with out hesitation.

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Mark said...

Love this vintage Halloween look. Thanks for sharing!