Saturday, October 6, 2012

Good day at the Pumpkin Patch

Gourd Wagon by dragonflydesignstudio
Gourd Wagon, a photo by dragonflydesignstudio on Flickr.

This is the display wagon in front of the barn. It was a stunning day in the uppers 70s and the shoppers were loading up huge wagons full of gourd goodness. We haven't had rain in so long the dust was thick. Brought my haul home and washed it to dry in the sun. Will post photos when the porch is done. There are still pumpkins to harvest in our own patch. Going to ask the great nephew to come over and pick the ones he wants.


Lisa said...

Those are some really cool shapes & colors there! I don't know how you could choose!

Old Fashion Halloween said...


Its usually a long morning of finding all the right sizes and shapes. Normally I take home a lot more. This year with growing my own pumpkins I didn't need as much.

Mark said...

Thats awesome!