Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Etchpop - Create, Etch, Print, Share!

Fabulous wood block print kit concept that needs to be funded in the next 15 days. The best part is for a donation of only $25 you can get the 4X6 kit if the project is funded. Please watch the video or go here to learn more.

As you may have noticed I am passionate about supporting local artists. A big thanks to everyone who helped the movie and books for the homeless projects. :o )

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pensive said...

I studied printmaking in school, and I've got to tell you: this is genius. Nothing looks like a woodcut. I've seen some linocut that looks similar, but the texture it gives is amazing. And being able to get a woodcut without bleeding is nice too. There is also potential for hand cutting detail after the laser starts the process.

I love kickstarter, and this project seems awesome. Thanks for pointing it out.