Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Day of the Dead: A Pictorial Archive of Dia de Los Muertos

Our local used book store downtown is kind of hit or miss for the more unique books. I was delighted to find a used copy of this book. The clip art CD was still enclosed. This was back in September and now I find myself working on a project that will use images from the book on fabric. The best place to flip through the images is at but I have found it for less so do shop around. I own many clip art books of skeletal images. This one has a few images that were completely new to me.


Laurie Brown said...

Now, why doesn't Dover ever have images from *that* book in their weekly sampler??

Emjay Girling/ Seeing Things Art Apothecarium said...

I love the facial expressions, the possiblities for using these are endless. Laurie I agree, Dover needs to do fewer vintage images and more Skelies!